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Black Candle Jars
Black Candle Jars
Black Candle Jars
Black Candle Jars

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Black Candle Jars

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You can count on long-lasting scent for hours and clean burn with these eco-friendly soy wax candles. Hand poured into these beautiful iridescent glass vessels filled with 13oz of soy wax. Scented with palate free premium grade fragrance oils providing a clean burn.

Great option because who can resist a beautiful candle?

Each candle comes with a complimentary tube of Fancy Matches. The ultimate topper for making these candles a perfect gift.

Be sure you follow all candle warnings and instructions.

Rest; 1865 - Is our famous Eucalyptus & Mint 

Holly Berry - Unmistakable all year favorite of Cranberry, Orange Peel and Apples. Gives you a very familiars homey scent. 

Moroccan Nights - Another fave! Notes of sensual Amber, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood

Let Freedom Ring -  Home. Calm. Peaceful scent of woody coconut and Sanandal wood.