As a woman, a mom, I've notice I can easily give grace but often forget to extend some to myself. I started Assana Skincare as a lifestyle not just skincare. Women need small reminders to get back intouch with themselves.

My products allows for these gestures in every item. Small sprinkles of lone and comfort in the middle of a tornado called life.


Bring out the natural essense of women allowing them to connect with nature by rediscovering and realigning through self love.

Be well, momma

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Boost Your Immune System For Winter

Boost Your Immune System For Winter

Ginger - Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial that contains Gingerol and may help fight infections. Getting rid of free radicals in the body that we know speeds up the aging process and call cell breakdown. It is also said that ginger can lowers "bad" cholesterol. The cholestrol that leads to the hardening of arteries, reducing your heart disease risk. Also said to improve brain function. Another plus for us women, it may help reduce menstrual pain.
jasmine flower, jasmine benefits

Jasmine - Gift From God

The Tea

We can reap the wonderful benefits of jasmine in tea form. 

  1. Filled with antioxidants - cell protectors
  2. May contribute to faster weightloss by boosting your metabolism.
  3. Strong suggestion of cancer prevention
  4. Heart healthy - may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
  5. May be used to treat liver disease.
Violets Are...

Violets Are...

These mostly edible flowers are quite nutritious, packing a huge punch with their levels of vitamins A and C. Half cup of violets can carry more vitamin C than three oranges (Nebraska Herbal Society). Double the amount of vitamin A of spinach by the same weight! (Erichsen-Brown, 1979). Perfect example of never judging the book by its cover.