Welcome to Assana, you can call me Kimmy! I am momma to 3 princesses and a 1 prince. Assana has become so much more than I could ever imagined. It brings so much fulfillment and hope, I can hear waves crashing by the ocean. This idea of starting a bath and body store came about after years of DIY projects because I just knew I could make anything, LOL. All of you who have supported me from inception continue to fuel my ambition to go bigger. In the end, I will have something I can leave for my children so their load is a little lighter and their children and children's children, you get the idea!
It's funny because I am not a bath and body fanatic. I can't walk into the bigger chain stores without sneeze my head off. Making my products, learning different ingredients and recipes has given me control over that aspect.
My products are made in small batches, with the need of you at the forefront. I use ethically sourced ingredients that you can pick up from the supermarket. I carry an essential oil line as well as a phalate free, skin safe fragrance line of products. I do this because some people like variety. I carry some pretty cool bath bombs, check them out.
I love to customize, so if you are ever planning a party and looking for unique gift ideas, send me an email and we can work it out.
I am very proud to be the owner of such a versatile business. It is with the continued support of my loyal customers that I continue to be in business. Looking forward to many anniversaries.
Thank you! My family thanks you!
~ continue supporting your small woman owned businesses