Boost Your Immune System For Winter

beat cold and flu season

Long dark days are upon us while that maybe magic to some it may also be kryptonite to others. Although it has long been told and widely believed that winter makes us sick, it actually just makes us more vulnerable of getting sick faster. This is why you should maintain optimal body temperature by wearing head covers, proper footgear, gloves and a warm coat. You should also get sufficient fresh air and bolster your immune system. 

I have chosen a handful of herbs most of you will know and maybe new that may help with this quest.This a great way to make use of the summer plants that go dormant in the winter. You can check earlier blogs on drying herbs and infusion.

Asian Ginseng - The most famous of them all. Fun fact: it takes about 4 years to cultivate a Ginseng plant. With its great adaptogen ability the root helps the body to adapt to stress. Improving the body's ability to cope with cold, hunger and extreme temperatures. Ginseng supports virility in men as well as erectile dysfunction as they age as well as women during menopause and improving sex drive. You will also find ginseng increases immune function and liver function.

Elder Berries - From the Elder plant known to fight, colds, flu and fevers. One of the most effective remedies for reducing severity and length of flu and colds. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties it is beneficial to add elder berry to your health regimen. Also effective at helping to relieve stress, joint pain and kidney problems.

Ginger - Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial that contains Gingerol and may help fight infections. Getting rid of free radicals in the body that we know speeds up the aging process and call cell breakdown. It is also said that ginger can lowers "bad" cholesterol. The cholestrol that leads to the hardening of arteries, reducing your heart disease risk. Also said to improve brain function. Another plus for us women, it may help reduce menstrual pain.

Atragalus - Well known in Chinese medicine,to help with allergies, colds, kidney disease and more. The root is mostly where the "magic" active ingredients are found. Astragalus may increase your white blood cell production giving your system fighting power. 

Rosemary - The staple in everyone's home. A miriad of benefits that almost affects the entire body system: positively. Improves blood circulation, cognitive stimulant helping to improve memory function. Great additive to a massage oil or making a tea.

Try adding adding all or some of these to your next grocery haul. You can probably find these readily these days. The earth mostly provides the healing we need to sustain our wellness. Like the rivers, we flow.

*This is not medical advise. Please speak with your doctor before starting any herbal regimen*

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