Jasmine - Gift From God

The Plant

The name Jasmine translates to Gift from God in Persian. The Jasmine plant is also well known for its scent in a lot of our lives like teas and cosmetics. Jasmine is believed to be an afrodisiac. The sweet scent is said to make "magic" when it comes to romance. We can ask Channel No.5 as it contains Jasmine as a top note. 

As always, we will get into a little more than just the lovely scent of the Jasmine flower.

  1. The Jasmine plant can grow up to 15 feet tall
  2. We mostly see the Jasmine buds because that's where the bulk of the fragrance comes from
  3. Classified as sacred in some countries like India and Thailand

The Tea

We can reap the wonderful benefits of jasmine in tea form. 

  1. Filled with antioxidants - cell protectors
  2. May contribute to faster weightloss by boosting your metabolism.
  3. Strong suggestion of cancer prevention
  4. Heart healthy - may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure
  5. May be used to treat liver disease.

The catechin's in Jasmin are what is responsible for lowering your LDL - bad cholesterol stopping their oxidation process and essentially a stroke. The scent of Jasmine may be soothing and relaxing for some people. This in turn helps to relieve stress. I must mention one possible drawback of Jasmine is it is not caffeine free.

With some of the potential wonderful benefits of Jasmine you'll why it is so loved and you may need to incorporate Jasmine into your wellness routine. 



*This is not medical advise. You should speak with your doctor before starting any herbal regimen*





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